with mentee

“Almost every one of us can credit one particular teacher who made a huge difference in our lives and/or our careers. I feel Dallas is that special teacher of my son’s life. He never felt comfortable sharing his writing until he took her class. Dallas’s appreciation for his gift and passion for writing, and her encouragement of his work, boosted his confidence tremendously!!! I cannot thank her enough.” — parent of a high school student

“Thank you for continuing to work with my daughter and for being such a wonderful mentor to her. Not a week goes by when she doesn’t mention your name.” — parent of a guided mentorship student


“Thank you so much Ms. Woodburn for encouraging and motivating my son!  I shared your email with him last night and I can see the sparkle in his eyes. Thank you for making a difference in him.” — parent of an elementary school student

“It has been such a treat for my child to work with you! You’ve given her a lot of very productive feedback and she feels empowered.” — parent of an elementary school guided mentorship student

“My son is an introvert who easily questions himself. Being able to write better is definitely helping him build some confidence, and express himself better!” — parent of an elementary school online tutoring student

“Because of your help, I was able to get an A in English, which allowed me to get into English 2 Honors in 10th grade. I will be attending the Young Women’s Writing Workshop at Smith College next week.” — high school online tutoring student  

“Thanks so much for all you do to support and stimulate an interest in writing in younger students. Our daughter has become so interested in writing, primarily I believe on the basis of her interactions with you.” — Phil & Annette Brown, parents

“Thank you for taking time to share your passion with children who truly need it the most. After talking with the other teachers, the only way we can describe how our students reacted was magical. I have never seen so many students here take pride in what they have written. I sincerely hope you find time next school year to pay us a visit.” — Carolyn Loughridge, teacher

“Dallas Woodburn is my pen-pal and also my writing buddy and friend. She believes in me and I would not be writing today if I have never met her.” — Daniel, 17, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“You were a great speaker at our Career Day. You really inspired me to make my poems come to life. As soon as I got home I wrote even more poems.” — Rosie, 14, Oxnard, California

“Thank you for coming to our class. I had fun writing the story in my journal. I also liked when you read the class the book that you made. It was really funny.” — Cameron, 9, Ventura, California

“Dear Dallas, Thank you so much for your talents and inspirational words. You really motivated my students this year to keep writing. I see them reading your books and they feel now they can do it, too.” — Ms. Koo, 93rd Street School

“Thank you for presenting a great writing lesson and experience for our students. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and talk about your beginning writing experience.” — Mrs. Thompson, 3rd grade teacher, Poinsettia Elementary School

“Dallas: As always, you were fun and inspiring — thanks for sharing.” — Anne Morningstar, Cabrillo Middle School

“Dear Dallas, Thank you so much for coming to talk to my class. I really liked how you talked about setting goals; now I know how to achieve mine better. Thanks again.” — Carly Murray, 7th grade

“Thank you so much for coming to our classroom. I loved the writing activity. I hope you come back.” — Miguela, 5th grade

“Dear Dallas, Thank you for spending your time to teach us how to write and how to overcome discouragement. I thought that the writing project was cool! I loved you coming!” — Mason, 3rd grade

You inspired me. I love writing and you’ve said things that made me want to write a whole collection!” — Shira, 3rd grade

“Thank you so much for telling our class about writing! I love to write, too, and I’m determined to become a writer. Thank you for sharing your determination with me!” — Hannah, 7th grade

“You inspired me to start writing. I would love to publish and write books now that I’ve seen what you can do! Thank you!” — Clare, 6th grade

“Dear Dallas, I had a great time with you. Your book was great. You are so enthusiastic. We loved you and thanks again.” — Sincerely, Wesley

“Dear Dallas, Thank you so much for coming and talking to our class about writing. I loved the writing activity that we did. The writing topics, with details on the board, was very helpful. Thanks again!” — Natalie, 7th grade

“Thank you for coming. You write amazing books. You taught me that writing can be fun. Now I really like to write. I hope you come again.” — Amy, 4th grade

“I really liked the book that you read to us. Maybe I should be a writer when I grow up!” — Anna, 3rd grade

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