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For most of the year, my job as a writing teacher is a slow, gradual process with my students… helping them write more clearly and expansively, broaden and deepen their thinking, and discover more joy and freedom in the act of writing. Like training for a marathon, it is a “slow and steady” endeavor. I see their growth, but sometimes it is harder for them to see it.


Then, every so often, there are spectacularly exciting days. Days when I receive their giddy emails and phone calls and I get to celebrate with them. Days when their hard work and hours of time are rewarded.


Sometimes the successes are more personal, such as one of my students who proudly reported to me that he received a perfect score on an in-class English essay “for the first time ever!!” He said, “I didn’t think I could do that.” I knew he could.


I am so grateful for my students, who remind me daily the power of persistence and who fill our time together with such imagination and enthusiasm. I am so proud of them. It fills my heart to see them gain pride and confidence in themselves.


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